Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ideas for Typographic Animation Project

When it comes to text, I have never been very interested in it. Though through years of art school, and through thinking of this project, I'm building an interest.
First, I'm gonna think about words. Concrete words. I am very interested in concrete words and in poetry. As an artist, I am interested in the aesthetics of different fonts.
So, I think I should explore different types of fonts, for there are so many and so little that I know.
I also am interested in New Orleans terms and phrases.
e.g., "Yeah, you rite!", "How's ya mom n'em?", "I'm making groceries."
Hand-written text is also interesting.

An idea I came up with:
What also is interesting is that a letter in itself could be its own character and maybe a whole word could be a family of letters, and maybe a sentence a community, a paragraph, a nation, an essay could be a continent, and a book could be an entire world. A library could be a universe.

Title sequences also have my interest when it comes to text.

For font:

How can my text be a pattern or a texture?
I need to see these characters of text not only as letters, but as shapes and forms.

I kind of want to stay away from being too literal and relying on words. I want to focus more on texture and form.
Text can be used to create images:
(except for the teeth)

Text as texture:

I start to see shapes and forms with the repetition of a letter in different fonts, styles and sizes and colors!
Thumbnail sketch:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It feels good to be ahead!

Today, I will continue working on my AE project. I have my comps set up and I'm ready to make shit happen. woot! Hopefully I can knock out a lot of work on the project this weekend so that my last week before fall break is a little less stressful and more relaxing and so I can have time to work on homework for other classes. That's the plan and I plan to stick to it!!