Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Rest of the Experience

What is my most joyful image?
Jazzland, the giant king cake at the Krewe of Slidellians parade, the pig roast, Christmas eve, cross-country, the digging a big hole at the beach, winning state, an unexpected kiss at work, the Saints winning the Super Bowl, going way back to my childhood... playing toys with my sister, creating characters and stories. Exploring my back yard which was mostly woods and playing in the river, building stick huts. playing on the play set my daddy built. swinging on the tire swing and hanging on the zip line. Bike rides through the neighborhood with the family. fishing, boat rides, crabbing, shrimping. Eating the fish you catch. mama's cooking.

What are my favorite games? Boggle, Farkle, dig-dug, pole position, 20 questions, Balderdash, Icy Tower, Bosconian, Texas Hold'em, Galaga
Games I hate:
Life, Sims: they get me nervous, worried and anxious
World of Warcraft: reminds me of ex bf who had no life and he would ignore me as he played it often.

Solo play with objects:
Hacky sack, finger skateboard, skating, longboarding, skimboarding
I want to improve my skill level during each of those activities.

When I play, I want to impress myself as well as others. i want to build up on my skills. I want to be the best. Nothing else matters at the moment. I become hyper focused.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Assignment Experience

Leonard came over Sunday night so that we could exercise part D of our homework assignment. I was already bored out of my mind so I was at least thankful for some company. All we did at first was sit in the living room and watched "Disturbia" on TV and we laughed at the movie's "cheesiness." Then Len recommended that we build something so I took out my box of Super Sculpey so that we could do something creative socially. At first I was in no mood for this. I didn't feel like creating anything at all. I was so bored and lazy at the moment. I was just not "feeling it." After a while though, I start sculpting and I was fine after that. I wonder if it was Len being there also sculpting that made me kind of not so keen to sculpting, but after I saw what he was making I knew I had game so I took this challenge head on because I have skills when it come to Super Sculpey. So I make a sculpture of this pig I had animated over the summer for freelance. It came out pretty good. Len made the head of a demon Chihuahua. Len has his own unique aesthetic. I like it. You can tell among many drawings with one is Len's. So I decide to make some tacos to continue this "social play" and I know I'd have more than enough food, and I knew Len and my roommates would like a good meal. So I start to thaw out the ground beef and we keep watching TV. We start watching a documentary about dinosaurs on the Discovery Channel. It was interesting. We would comment on the animation and just chit chat. Then I wanted to watch the Land Before Time since that movie rocks and I was now in a dinosaur mood.
So I pop in the movie and we watch it as I start cooking the taco meat in the kitchen. For the sake of getting in touch with our "inner child." I had found Land Before Time Burger King toys at the thrift store the day before ironically enough. I like to collect things and toys and figurines are something I collect so I took those out and we played around with those for a bit. Each toy did something different. One walked, one shook, one flipped, and one would roll. So those were entertaining and fun and relaxing. And these were good-looking, well-made toys. Way better than the crap that is made these days. It has been forever since I've played with toys beside the finger skate board on my desk when I'm bored....
Anyway, I continue to cook the tacos and I serve them up to Len and my room
mates and we all enjoyed them. I love cooking then sharing what I make with others. I even made dessert.
After eating, me and Len chilled in the living room and watched "UP." That is such a beautiful movie. It is perfect. It's animated and it's a wonderful and touching love story. A good friend of mine back home and I love its musical score. I just fall in love with that music. Just about at the end of that movie that friend called and my "social play" with Leonard was over.
oddly enough after getting in touch with my inner child, i start questioning the meaning of love. You can't watch Up and not think about that but love is not a childish thing. Since I'm Catholic I go to the Bible and look up 1 Corinthians chapter 13. It Says Love is patient love is kind.....
and it lists everything that it isn't. "it does not rejoice in wrongdoing but rejoices in truth."
I figure that love is not a selfish thing. Children tend to be selfish. Love should not be mistaken as a feeling as it is commonly portrayed. It is not something derived out of self pleasure. Love is a mature thing.

I don't know if my topic of focus should be love because it's too broad of a subject. It is a worn out topic, but we'll see what happens. We'll see what comes out of all of this.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some poetry that resulted from discussions in class and my experience at the time

"Wired Up"

The dirt in your toenails,
the sweat between your fingers,
an itch on your elbow,
the hair on your face,
a noise in your ears.
gaze into the paper
on the desk,
Hard, hard and wooden.
HA! wait...
A feather drags across your arm ever so delicately-BAM!
You broke dat vase. EAT!
A piece of apple gets stuck in your teeth.
all wet and slimy,
an imprisoned after-taste in your mouth. Now,
stare into your neighbor's face.
Lips stretched longways-exposed to the elements,
riding out the storm.
A warm breath invades your facade.
Board up the windows, now
Outside, roses bloom and thorns
stick into your ankles.
You leave behind
a trail of blood.

The Experience: Play with it.

What is felt? What is seen? What is heard? What is smelled? What has been tasted?
Experience is found in poetry, an art of words not meant to explain or to make points, but to create an experience. Yes, there is a concept in art, but how can that idea be experienced and felt by another? It is another way of thinking that takes over your mind. A way of thinking that you relearn.
When you have an idea, don't freeze up your mind. Free your mind and not think so hard about end result of the project. Experience your topic and explore it. Visit the five senses. Ask questions. Draw, write, whatever.
We grow-up and we forget how to be a child. There is a time to become an adult, but stay in touch with that inner child. The child who played, created, who did no "self-editing." When you are confronted with a project, First, Let your inner child play where fear and embarrassment are absent, but discipline this child afterwards for you are the adult. Create and "let it all out" with no restrictions, then draw and write with no filter. Write as you draw and draw as you write. Go crazy and explore. Go and edit Last. Creation will lead you back to concept through the creative experience. Now take that creation, that concept and turn it into a tangible experience.
We are children first and then adults later for a reason. So, play first. Play with the experience, then put your talents to use after.
So, what do you use to express this ides? What are your instruments? Are they words? Drawings? Paintings? Sculptures? Your own body? Cartoon characters? What do they convey? They can convey feelings, emotions, ideas, thought patterns, reactions.
How can you make those five senses into something tangible?
How can you make an experience into something that can be physically seen and felt by an audience?
Just get into the right mind-set.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ideas: A mind splurge

This year I was blessed with a fresh start, a new life.

The Saints won the Super Bowl.

This city rejoices. I am blessed to be from the greatest place on earth and the most culturally enriched place in this country.

I am blessed with a loving and understanding father.

My family is awesome.

I was blessed with an internship.

A new friend.

I grew up.

My foot in the door.

A career!

I was blessed with a client.

Again, I run smart.

La vie en rose.

I put faith in the LORD.

Longboarding. Skim!!

Lust, gluttony, sloth: Three dragons slayed.

Home, po'boys, a beautiful house.

Movies, music: all new and so much more to see and hear.

A new goal. I want it.

Antique stores. A collection.

Fortune cookies overflowing fortunes.

A change for the better.

Mistakes admitted. Situations confronted.

Grumpy the pig. Balloons popping. Lightbulbs exploding!


Consequences. Hearts broken.

A change in heart.

Orange cat. Female.

Playing it smart.


Animation. Senior project.




Oil spill.

Final year of school.

Reading, breathing, deeply praying.


Bunny. Fat boy.




Hacky sack.

Yeah you rite!


make bucu groceries.

king cake babies

cruises. Chicken in Progresso.

jfsdkfh jdsiaghfbdajkdsahf

China. The Karate Kid. Sky Diving.






1984 World's Fair.


"Do not arouse, do not stir up love before it's own time."

Where ya at???

Single life.