Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Project Progress

Even before instructed to in class on Thursday, I was already working on a work schedule for finishing my final project. The process is taking me a little longer than I thought, but I should be caught up by Friday because that's when I want to start animating. Whatever the case is, I'm going to start some animation on Friday and just animate the entire weekend. Mac Lab 3 will become my home. I'm a little irritated because it's hard trying to find time to work on this final around working and studying for other classes. I was hoping to have all my assets done by this morning, but it's looking more like the end of the day. That's not too bad, but I really need to work on my BFA. Creating the assets are taking longer than I had thought. All I had do is keeping working hard during every minute of the day like I have and pray.
I'm planning to animate as much as I can from Friday the 19 through Tuesday the 23. I also need to pack Tuesday b/c early Wednesday, I'm heading home for Thanksgiving break. The break will be a good time to get other class work done so I can have more time to work on this project when I return to school.
I'm not going to worry. It is a lot, but I always get my work done.
I'll probably will need the Sunday I get beck to work on BFA stuff, but I should return to animating on Monday the 29 and I'm planning to be finished with the animation by Wednesday, December 1. Next, I'll start working on my class DVD. I really need that following weekend to work on other classes work.
The only time I wasn't working on assets yesterday was when I ate lunch, dinner, was in class and taking a shower.
I'm just gonna keep on trucking. I have the endurance to get this done.

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